How do we work?

1. Exploration of chances
2. Team Health Audit
3. Prioritisation & Action

Main expertise:
Design teams
Innovation teams
Start-up teams
Product teams
We lately talked about cross-cultural team development at:
Hyper Island
University Carlos III of Madrid
Poznan University of Economics
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and more

1:1 Coaching

We support individuals in building the capacities to lead teams that thrive. We are culture agnostic, and work with talents from all over the world - from Brazil, US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Czechia, Armenia to India.

You might want to chat with us if you are changing from traditional to agile working methods, when you need to develop new team, or plan & drive culture management in your team. We are here for you!

Methods applied:
GROW, Personality Profiling, Hofstede 6-D