We help leaders develop high-performing teams across cultures

Teams we
worked with

We work remotely across all the geographical borders, in 3 languages (EN, PT, PL)

“The Feedback and NVC session with MakeTeamWork was easily one of the most valuable workshops this team has had

Stacey Seronick
Design Manager at IBM

How do we work?

1. Exploration of chances
2. Team Health Audit
3. Prioritisation & Action

Main expertise:
Design teams
Innovation teams
Start-up teams
Product teams
We lately talked about cross-cultural team development at:
Hyper Island
University Carlos III of Madrid
Poznan University of Economics
St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and more


who desires to create a high-performing collaborative culture
Founders of a Series A+ Startups
who need to accelerate team delivery and scale culture
HR professional
who run development programs and need help to scale
Team leader
struggling with the
team engagement

Challenges Leaders face

  • Teams avoid taking ownership

    Lack of clarity
    around objectives between teams
  • Dissolvement of team culture due to less frequent personal contact
  • Increased burnout and loneliness

    Lack of effective conflict-solving strategies
  • Miscommunication
  • Ineffective meetings and lack of smooth facilitation

    Reflect for a few seconds:
    What is your current biggest opportunity when it comes to team development?

It’s time to reimagine how you, as a team work remotely


Team Ongoing Support

  • Embedded learning addressing current team needs
  • Available packages: 20, 50, 200 hours, to be used until the end of 2021
  • Choose from Individual/Team Trainings, formation of new teams, Leadership Program Design, Facilitation, Conflict Resolution, Retrospectives, Feedback & NVC sessions,
    and more
  • Check Teamwork Essentials below to see more topics
  • Talk to us for more details and use-case brainstorming

    Over time you can expect increase in engagement of your team(s), other KPIs shall be agreed after the audit.

    Share your needs with us and let's design together!

Teamwork Essentials

If you want to dive deeper into our approach, we invite you to visit MURAL. We’ve combined our expertise and experience from working with >100 teams, and we aim to equip you with a set of tools and approaches you can use straight away, to help your team become a high-performing one. Here you can see our topics of interest that are later on embedded in our programs.

Click belowMURAL

Training Sessions

Feedback & Nonviolent Communication
First Retrospective
Active Listening & Feedback
TeamWork Alignment with Canvass
Team Health Check

1:1 Coaching

We support individuals in building the capacities to lead teams that thrive. We are culture agnostic, and work with talents from all over the world - from Brazil, US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Czechia, Armenia to India.

You might want to chat with us if you are changing from traditional to agile working methods, when you need to develop new team, or plan & drive culture management in your team. We are here for you!

Methods applied:
GROW, Personality Profiling, Hofstede 6-D

Share your challenge with us!



Adam is a multi-awarded former strategy executive converted into a tech entrepreneur, innovation strategist, coach, and speaker. In the last 10 years, he helped develop many successful teams for clients like Lidl International, Naspers Group, Audi, Etisalat, European Commission. Hyper Island Alumnus, he lived in 9 countries, making cultural immersion and cross-cultural team development the centre of his professional life.


Larissa is a communication professional, strategist, and a human connection designer. She is an expert on how to use Design Thinking for team development. Since 2011 she has facilitated hundreds of workshops in three continents leading tens of teams to business success. Larissa is a Hyper Island and Berlin School of Creative Leadership alumna, and is continuously striving to make people work together better.


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